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File and dump management for z/OS

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DPI Software is a software development company dedicated to developing mainframe system software for OS/390 and z/OS. DPI Software products are used daily by thousands of users to improve mainframe programming productivity. DPI Software is a Kansas company that has been operating since 1987 and is proud to count many of the Fortune 500 companies as customers.

DPI Software is known for its excellent customer support, robust and high quality software.

Our Products


The ideal tool for browsing and editing your VSAM files interactively via ISPF.

FileMarvel has all the power and speed that programmers and production support staff need to build test data, check production files and so on. Online editing and viewing of VSAM, PDS, PDSE, sequential disk and tape datasets speed up application development and help pinpoint productions and testing problems. FileMarvel works on every type of VSAM file including KSDS, ESDS, RRDS, extra large records, alternate indexes and compressed datasets. It even gives you interactive access toyour DB2 databases.

DumpMarvel - ISPF-based dump debugger for zOS and MVS

Our DumpMarvel dump debugger and analyser is what we have been using for our own MVS software development for years. Now we have decided to release it to the rest of the MVS world! Find out more about DumpMarvel ...

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Training courses

While we have made FileMarvel and DumpMarvel as easy to use as possible, including step-by-step introductory manuals, training courses for your people can be arranged by DPI Software trainers at your site.

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